What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy can be used to treat dozens of injuries and ailments.

The pulse laser produces an infrared beam which works systematically interacting with target tissue penetrating into the cells and reflecting light which activates the auto immune system.

This stimulates the circulation which in turn assists the lymph vessels to pump faster when compromised following surgery, skin trauma etc which in turn promotes healing. It also relaxes inflammation and muscle spasms and assists in healing wounds, ulcers and acne.

The laser is most effective in reducing pain, especially chronic pain, which is known to become deep rooted spreading to other anatomical regions and is most important in assisting restoration of the system to its normal condition, speeding up the healing process of injured tissue.

Most people feel a difference after one or two treatments with laser therapy or combined with lymphatic drainage or remedial massage.

Once the client has tried the therapy they realise the positive outcomes. In particular laser treatment is recommended for sports injuries and post surgery, headaches, sinus and allergies as well as sore and damaged muscle tisssues. This also assists in lymphoedema treatments.

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